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Certifact Services Ltd is an independent provider of water hygiene, water treatment and related services across the UK.

Poor quality water and air can present risks to workers’ health and wellbeing. A duty of care exists to ensure that employers assess these risks and undertake the right level of testing, treatment and monitoring to reduce them. Certifact provides a comprehensive and reliable service to help you discharge these duties.

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    There are numerous bacteria and other uninvited visitors in water and air. Many of these such as the well known Legionella are hazardous to human health and wellbeing; others can cause damage and inefficiency within water systems and so unnecessary expense.

    As an employer or duty holder you will need thorough risk assessments and then a suitable regime of testing, monitoring and treatment for both potable water and that within closed systems.

    Certifact employs an experienced team of professionals to provide a comprehensive and reliable service, helping you discharge your duty of care.

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