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Every workplace provides water; and everyone there uses it. We use it to drink or to prepare food, to wash our hands, flush the toilet or shower after a journey to work, after sporting activities or after a particularly dirty work task. So it should be clean and safe to use and every employer has a legal obligation and duty to ensure it’s kept clean and safe. Showers and tanks and taps should be cleaned and kept clean, and the water should be clean and suitable for use.

Knowledgeable Specialists

The Health and Safety Executive provide guidance documents for duty holders (that is those with overall responsibility for any workplace) to use, however in many cases it is prudent to engage the services of a suitably qualified, trained and knowledgeable specialist. Certifact Services is that specialist for a diverse range of customers including facilities and maintenance contractors, and end user customers in commerce, manufacturing and educational facilities.

Case studies

  1. Well Building Logo

    Well Building™

    The International WELL Building Institute™ has developed the WELL Building Standard™ that is set to deliver a healthy environment for people in the building they occupy. Certifact Services are pleased to have been instrumental in undertaking the post construction sampling and reporting for both the air and water elements of the Standard. WELL Building concepts have been embraced in projects by Cundall and Arup and The Crown Estate and Great Portland Estates.

  2. What Happens if...

    Reducing Cost of Remedial Cleaning

    To communicate the importance of robust water hygiene management, Certifact have prepared a simple diagram to show how poor service can affect costs; impact on the day-to-day availability of the building to do its job (library, office, shop etc) and safeguard the wellbeing of staff and customers. Called ‘What Happens and What Happens If…’ the diagram is available for download in the Resources section on our website.

  3. Endo Therm Logo

    Saving Energy Costs

    Saving money and improving service is a constant focus, and now it can be achieved while reducing your carbon footprint. Certifact Services continually look at innovative ideas and products to help our customers save money. The addition of EndoTherm™ water treatment additive for heating and EndoCool™ for chilled water systems is used to improve heat transfer. Certifact are rolling out a strategy to dose systems and create savings on fuel bills of up to 15% with a return on investment generally between 6 and 12 months. Click through to our Resources page for more details.

  4. Education Premises

    Education Premises

    Certifact have extensive experience in delivering water hygiene solutions at educational premises. These can be challenging environments; dealing with extensive and aged domestic water systems; restricted access times, enhanced security requirements and any remedial works programmed for holiday periods are typical. Our technicians have an enhanced DBS clearance and we allocate a dedicated technician for routine visits to build a solid relationship with staff and build valuable site knowledge. We deliver an encompassing service including swimming pools and safe water.

A few of our previous and current clients

  1. Bellrock
  2. Ealing Council
  3. Erith School
  4. Fulham Prep School
  5. Global
  6. Ipes
  7. Lambeth College
  8. Tozer Seeds
  9. UCC Coffee
  10. Welland Medical

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