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Specific risks or problems in your workplace?

Whether it is high levels of dust, fumes or noise posing specific risks to workers’ health, or the need for an ultra-clean environment such as for research or healthcare, our occupational hygienists can help.

  • A broad range of experience

    Certifact’s occupational hygiene specialists have undertaken investigations and specific testing within a multitude of specialist workplaces including:

    • Laboratories
    • Manufacturing plants and facilities
    • Garages and workshops
    • Saw mills and other facilities creating high levels of dust

    Testing regimes in these instances are always fully tailored to the particular risks posed. Our process for this testing is:

    • Undertake full risk assessment
    • Design monitoring and testing regime
    • Implement
    • Submit regular reports containing recommendations

    We are also able to provide Local Exhaust Ventilation assessments checking the effectiveness of these systems.

  • Safe Contractor Approved Legionella Control Association