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Water treatment

Water, if untreated, contains chemicals and bacteria that can lead to scaling, corrosion and bio-fouling within closed systems. In turn, this can cause inefficient systems and necessitate early replacement of plant.

  • Prevent scaling, corrosion and bio-fouling

    Certifact are specialists in chemical water treatment and offer a full range of services to prevent scaling, corrosion or bio-fouling in heating and chilled water pipework.

    Scaling will reduce efficiency and cause process system blockages whilst corrosion will shorten system life and potentially mean the replacement of costly plant and equipment.

    Bio-fouling can cause blocked systems and, through various micro-organisms, present significant health implications including Legionella.

    Our services include:

    • Pre-commission and remedial chemical cleaning of water systems
    • Disinfection & chlorination to BS-EN 806 & HS(G)70
    • Chlorine dioxide water treatment and maintenance
    • Boiler and cooling water treatment programmes
    • Monitoring and visual inspection of distribution systems, storage tanks and cooling towers for commercial and industrial buildings.
    • Supply and application of water treatment chemicals.
    • Water sampling and testing
    • Bacteriological and Legionella analysis
    • Calorifier, taps and showers descaling
    • Remedial works to comply with ACOP L8
    • Closed system analysis testing including NRB, SRB and Pseudomonas
    • TMV servicing

  • Safe Contractor Approved Legionella Control Association